Thursday, April 9, 2009

Blogaround Weekend: April 11-12, 2009

How to beg, borrow, rent, or steal your way to the right tool for the job.  Okay, I'm kidding about the "steal" part.  From one of my favorite personal finance blogs, Bargaineering.

As my Organizing Idol, Niecy Nash, would say, this sounds like mayhem and foolishness.  At least financially speaking!  From

I admit to a bit of cork-skepticism, primarily on the basis that it seems like it would be incredibly difficult to keep clean.  But -- $2.50/sf!  Worth a look.  From Ecoki.

Now that I am no longer trying to buy a house in California, I think that Lovely Listing is the funniest blog in America.

Blog of the Week:  Save the Pink Bathrooms.  Featuring an homage to "Mamie [Eisenhower] Pink."  Ah, memories.

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